It Begins

Oops, I made a blog.

I often spend my free time working on various small programming projects. These are usually never seen by anyone but myself (and occasionally an extremely small group of people) and eventually just descend into the opaque depths that is my Programming folder. This blog is my attempt at making that folder, and perhaps also the time I spend putting stuff into it, more transparent. My assumption is that there are more people than the few I occasionally talk to that would be interested in some of this stuff.

Instead of waiting until everything is “just perfect” (spoiler: no piece of software is ever perfect), my intent is to post random stuff I do, regardless of how “good”, “useful” or “done” it is. My mental model for this blog is closer to programming diary than peer-reviewed computer science article.

The posts on this blog will probably fall into three categories:

  • Shorter updates or hypothetical musings.
  • Some retrospectives on some older projects of mine.
  • Descriptions of some of my ideas and algorithms.

I would say “stay tuned,” but this is not a TV channel.